While Azure’s architecture was inspired by Miami’s white ocean-swept aesthetic, AZURE NORTH will be more organic, lush, and sprawling, with design inspiration coming from the atolls and sentinel-like rocks that jut out from the ocean in some of the world’s enchanting destinations like Koh Samui, the Maldives and, of course, Palawan.


The Resort Residences at AZURE NORTH is a new, cutting-edge, mixed-use development in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines that brings the experience of beachfront living to the heart of the city.

We have drawn upon the essence of the beach, and then designed an innovative development that brings to the people of Pampanga a new residential experience that balances affordable living with resort style delight.


Paris Hilton receives an average of 25 brand endorsement requests a week, of which she accepts only 1%. Her partnership with Century Properties, therefore, is understandably special.

With the fantastic success of the Paris Beach Club at the Azure Urban Resort Residences in Parañaque, Paris is eager to follow up with another beach-centric real estate project. Her renewed partnership with Century Properties signifies a fresh wave of design and architectural planning, of which Paris and Century are excited to pursue.


Azure North Beach

The very centerpiece of this entire development is the AZURE NORTH Beach. Featuring authentic powdery white sand and lush landscaping that surrounds an extensive body of water, it will be a breathtaking man-made beach never before seen in Pampanga.

Water Attractions

Such is the scale and breadth of AZURE NORTH’s beach and water space that it houses a myriad of recreational amenities.

Azure North Island

AZURE NORTH ISLAND, which rises out from the middle of the water, becomes the perfect venue for private functions, dinners, or just a place for quiet contemplation amidst the hammocks and palm trees.

Pool Bar

AZURE NORTH also features a pool bar that lets you survey the more exuberant water activities that include water slides, cascading waterfalls, and an expansive beach-fringed lagoon for both wading and sunbathing.

Wave Pool

A pool that features simulated waves that not only generate a soothing tropical vibe but also provide plenty of fun for swimmers who enjoy a crested tide!

Lap Pool

For those who like long laps in the water, both for exercise and for pleasure, AZURE NORTH’s lap pool will be a tantalizing spot for the serious swimmer.

Reflecting Pool

Water is known for its soothing, almost spiritual qualities. With its reflecting pool, residents can relax and enjoy water as a stimulant (if you need to reconnect with nature) or as a relaxant (if you simply need a place of respite).

Kiddie Pool

The AZURE NORTH kiddie pool is just one facet of the its children’s beach playground – a play area filled with water activities, slides, and other exciting attractions for the young and young-at-heart!

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Each AZURE NORTH residential tower unit will be designed to not only maximize the tropical views and natural daylight of the project but to be an elegant, warm, and welcoming home for its residents.


Monaco Tower

Inspired by one of the most affluent places on earth, The Monaco tower takes its name from the principality of Monaco: a tiny city-state on the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by France with the Italian Riviera just few kilometers farther east.

This charming and truly beautiful destination will define the interiors and common areas of the first residential building set to rise at Azure North.

Bali Tower

Bali, also known as the “island of love”, is a tropical haven rich with stunning white beaches, fascinating arts and culture, and attractive natural wildlife.

As a mecca for tourists who want to revel in the sand, sun, and serenity, Bali is a true paradise and major inspiration for Azure North’s second tower.

Barbados Tower

Azure North’s third tower is Barbados, after its Caribbean namesake whose pale powdery sands and aquamarine waters have ignited the imagination of travelers for years.

Its major surfs and sights make it an alluring destination and nothing short of magical – the very essence of Azure North.

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The bustling and booming northern city of San Fernando, Pampanga, is strategically-located at the heart of Central Luzon. San Fernando is host to many commercial establishments such as SM City Pampanga, Robinsons Starmills, and S&R Membership Shopping. Culturally, it is a stone’s throw away from Hilaga Philippines (formerly Paskuhan Village). San Fernando is also home to 43 day care centers, 64 elementary schools, 15 secondary schools, and 33 tertiary schools.


We endeavor to release construction updates every quarter. Please check back to monitor the progress of this project.

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